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Philmont has 35 itineraries - the sequence of camps you must stay at each of the 12 nights on your trek. The route, or path, you take between those camps is largely up to you. The following links will show you several ways to view each itinerary and the practical routes between the camps. The links are divided into the categories Philmont uses to classify itineraries: from Challenging to Super Strenuous. Below each link is a short summary of the itinerary showing distance, estimated hiking time, and which sections of Philmont the itinerary covers.

The links take you to pages with different views of the itinerary selected. Pick the view you want from the tabs across the top of the page. The initial view is an outline map of the recommended routes and an elevation profile at the bottom of the page (you may need to scroll down). The Google Map tab shows the recommended routes on a Google topographic map you can zoom and pan as you wish. The Description tab is a table with specific information about each day with camp and route information including distance traveled, elevation gain and loss, and difficulty. The Routes tab will show you more detailed information about the recommended and alternate routes for each day of the itinerary. Finally, the Downloads tab is where to go to download GPX files for your GPS or take-along PDF files. For more help, check the How To Use the Philmont Trail Guide page.


  • Itinerary 3
  • Itinerary 4
  • Itinerary 5
  • Itinerary 6
  • Itinerary 7
  • Itinerary 8
  • Itinerary 9
  • Itinerary 10
  • Itinerary 11
  • Itinerary 12
  • Itinerary 13
  • Itinerary 14
  • Itinerary 15


  • Itinerary 16
  • Itinerary 17
  • Itinerary 18
  • Itinerary 19
  • Itinerary 20
  • Itinerary 21
  • Itinerary 22
  • Itinerary 23
  • Itinerary 24


  • Itinerary 25
  • Itinerary 26
  • Itinerary 27
  • Itinerary 28
  • Itinerary 29
  • Itinerary 30

Super Strenuous

  • Itinerary 31
  • Itinerary 32

    85 miles (48:43)

    South, North

  • Itinerary 33
  • Itinerary 34
  • Itinerary 35

    113 miles (63:03)

    South, North, Valle Vidal