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This Trail Guide is intended to give you information to better plan for navigating and route-finding when you get to Philmont. To get the most out of this site, start by checking out How To Use This Site. If you have questions not directly related to planning for your Philmont itinerary, such as how to use waypoint files with your GPS or how the information in this site is created, check out Frequently Asked Questions. (If your question isn't answered, please feel free to Contact Us.)

There's much more to a successful Philmont adventure than just planning your routes. Fortunately, there also are dozens of sites with good information about travel, physical preparation, packing, cooking, and hiking techniques. Check out the Resources page.

In your overall planning for Philmont, you will come across many ideas — not all of them particularly sound. Your best bet is to try them out on shakedown outings before you get to Philmont. You'll find your ranger reasonable about different approaches to backpacking as long as they don't compromise safety. There is one area they are, justifiably, totally inflexible: bear safety. Do NOT plan to use anything other than the Philmont issued bear bags and bear ropes.