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Philmont Trail Guide

This website will help you plan as much of your Philmont expedition as possible before you arrive there - with an emphasis on what to expect on the trail and in camp. You'll get updated information when you arrive at Philmont and will have to make decisions in real-time on the trail by reading your map, but reviewing the various options now will help you make better choices on the trail when it may well be wet, windy, and dark.

About This Guide

Check the About → How To... page for more detailed information on how best to use this guide. In here you'll find several ways to view each of the 35 Philmont itineraries, camp information, and the different route options between camps. You can download waypoint files for your GPS and printable summaries to take on the trail. Philmont is a huge, dynamic, active place. This website focuses on the trails and camps, but there are lots of other resources on the web to help you prepare for other aspects of your expedition - like equipment, cooking methods, training... Some of the resources you might find helpful are listed under About → Resources.


While we've tried to provide the most accurate information possible to help you prepare for your Philmont expedition, the wilderness is a dangerous place - even the "controlled" wilderness of Philmont. The most accurate information about Philmont requirements, expectations, and conditions are in the information Philmont produces:

  • Read and pay attention to the Philmont materials: the Council and Unit Planning Guide, the Treks Itinerary Guide, and the Guidebook to Adventure.
  • Acquire the current Philmont maps for your chosen itinerary; learn how to read them and use them with a compass.
  • Listen when you're briefed on current conditions at Logistics Services and ask questions if you don't understand.
  • Pay attention to your ranger at Philmont - they're highly trained professionals and know what they're talking about.

We make no warranties, express or implied, for the natural consequences of failure to follow common sense.

What To Expect At Philmont

If this is your first expedition at Philmont, you're no doubt somewhat bewildered by the volume of information you've received. As mentioned above, this website does not attempt to replicate Philmont information better available elsewhere (you might start with the official Philmont website). Sometimes, however, a 50,000-foot view will help get you oriented so you can absorb the details better. So, go here for a "what to expect at Philmont in 500 words or less."